Former PussyCat Doll Rachel Sterling Joins Angelica Ross and Daniel Sobieray in New Film Heart of a Woman

Former Pussycat doll and Playboy Model and Recurring True Blood Star Transgender Singer/Songwriter/Actress Former Calvin Klein/Hugo Boss Model
Bristish Film Director Keith Holland has selected Actress Rachel Sterling as Lead Female Role of Pamela in Featured Film The Heart Of A Woman based off Memoir I Rise by Toni Newman to be shot in late September/early October 2012. The Heart Of A Woman is Feature Film based off Chapter 7 (The Erotic Professionals) in the book I Rise about 3 very different individuals (Terri, Derrick, and Pamela) living in Los Angeles, and engaged in one degree or another in the sex industry, come together and struggle for Understanding and Survival in a city that oftentimes takes no prisioners- physically, emotionally and spiritually. The film promotes equal rights and freedoms for all persons especially Transgenders in the United States. The Role of Terri will be played by African-American Transgender Actress/Singer/Songwriter Angelica Ross and the Role of Derrick will be played by Former Calvin Klein/Hugo Boss Model Daniel Sobieray.
Film Heart of a Woman is a true story based off Memoir I Rise by Toni Newman directed by British Filmmaker Keith Holland with Executive Producers Jay Gira and Alton Demore and Shahid Manning. Head Writer is George P. Saunders. Casting Director is Dea Vise of Billy DaMota Casting. The Publicist to the Book and Film is Kayo Anderson of Oh Yeah Networks. Other Supporting Cast are Comedian Leslie Jones, British Actress Serena Lorien, Dave Vescio, Funnyman Alec Mapa, Comedian Jason Stuart, Steve Eastin,
Jose Rosete, Swimwear Model Laura Soares, Bravo’s Matt Nordgren, John Mancini,
Melyssa Ford, Glenda Redfield, Roger Paul Taylor, Wrestler Katarina Leigh Waters, Trae Ireland, Joe Thornton Jr, and MMA fighter Mavrick Von Haug.

Rachel Sterling had a recurring role on Show True Blood this year. Rachel is best known for comedic roles in THE WEDDING CRASHERS, RENO 911!, FX series WILFRED and HBO Presents FUNNIE OR DIE. Being an avid horror film fan Rachel made her debut to the horror world with the film THE HELPERS. Rachel has made guest appearances on shows House, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS and Private Practice. The former member of the original Pussy Cat Dolls has graced the pages of Maxim, Esquire, FHM, Stuff, Italian Vogue, and posed in Playboy Magazine in May 2006.

Transgender Actress Angelica Ross studied theater at Florida Atlantic University. Her 1 woman show, “From Where You Are” has allowed her to travel all over the United States. . Angelica Ross is a Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller who plays the guitar and piano and has 4 wonderful original songs. Angelica Ross talks about her journey from smart accelerated student, to the hard life on the streets, to rebuilding herself from ground up, building a business, and falling in love as a African-American transgender . Her main message is that from wherever you are, no matter what it looks like, if you stay open, and grateful, and present for whatever the time or lesson is, then you will gain the courage, power & knowledge to withstand and overcome anything, to become anything. This is the central theme of the Memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman and Film Heart of a Woman that you can overcome obstacles no matter how insurmountable they may be

Daniel Sobieray is former Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss Model and fashion model in Europe for 1 year and Appeared on Soap All My Children for 2 years. Daniel is currently appearing on the Lifetime Show “The Client List* with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Appearing in new TNT pilot “Major Crimes” which is spinoff of the Closer coming out this summer. His movie Kamikaze Love by Director Zalman King comes out later this year. Daniel Sobieray is a Passionate Actor who believes in Equality for All Persons.

To find out more about Memoir I Rise-The Transformation of Toni Newman go to and to get more information on Feature Film Heart of a Woman email or call 323.633.6039.


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